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5 helpful tips for your first business meeting

August 10, 2013

If you’re fresh out of school and managed to land your first business job, then firstly, congratulations!

Working in business presents new challenges every day, and facing up to those challenges show’s that you’re capable and is noticed by people at the top.

One of the most daunting tasks for anyone who is new in business is holding meetings. Whether you’re pitching your ideas for the company, meeting with clients, talking about yourself, or showing what you have learnt it can be a knee shaking experience.

Here we’ll give you 5 tips for your first business meeting and hopefully help lessen the nerves.

Purpose & Prep

Firstly, ask yourself, why is this meeting being held? What do you want to achieve? The answers to these questions will help you plan the meeting accordingly.

Once you know why your meeting is being held, start to plant out the meetings content. Are you going to talk for half an hour and then have questions for half an hour?

Set times for each section of the meeting and stick to them.

I also recommend that you find out who is attending and learn a little about them. This means that when it comes to the meeting itself you can be a little more personal with the people attending.


When are you going to hold your meeting? It’s best to plan the meeting in less busy times of the day.

A common downfall is that many people schedule the meeting at a time most convenient to them rather than their guests. If you have done some research on the people attending the meeting you should have looked into their schedule.

The best time is always towards the end of the day as people always like a break from the hours spent at their desk.


Think about where you’re holding the meeting. If you can, hold it within your place of work. If you’re holding meetings with potential clients you shouldalways go to them.

If you can’t visit them then hire a chauffeur service to collect them and bring them to the meeting.

You should never expect a client to make their way to you on their own. You’ll want to be in their good books right from the start.

Dress well

You should always dress appropriately for you meetings. More often than not you should be wearing a suit. By dressing smartly the attendees will see that you’re there for business and you’ll find that you’re taken much more seriously.

Your tattered Iron Maiden shirt and luck trainers won’t go down well.

Keep it interesting

The amount of business meetings that die a terrible death because they’re boring are too numerous to count.

Remember to keep your meeting engaging and don’t let it fall into the trap of being a deathly bore. This is especially important if you’re selling to clients.

When the meeting is concluding remember to take questions. If something was unclear during the meeting then people will have questions.

Give plenty of time to answer them.

A good meeting needs to be engaging and interesting.

Good luck!

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