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Getting ready for prom night: 5 easy step

July 8, 2013

If your prom night is fast approaching and you’re getting worried about what to wear, how you’re going to get there and everything else that comes along with prom night then this blog is for you.

We’ll cover 5 easy steps that ensure that your night will go off without a hitch and you can enjoy everything as it happens.

Start shopping

I always recommend doing your clothes shopping way in advance. 2 months before the big night, head out and have a browse through what you could wear.

I hear far too often that a prom goer became stressed and fussed because they didn’t find the dress that they’ve been dreaming of. Don’t let this happen to you! Try everything on and you’ll know when you’ve found the dress that you’re looking for.

You’ll just know…

Find the prom partner

This is another common reason that people don’t enjoy their prom night as much as they should. They either don’t end up having anyone to go with, or go with the wrong group of people.

Prom is a farewell, and a time spent with friends who you love. Remember this, and choose who you want to go with this in mind.

You don’t need a date. It doesn’t matter. You’re going to be with your friends having a great time all night.

If the thought of going without one is unappealing though, choose wisely. They can easily make or break your night.

Plan you’re arrival

Prom night is a special occasion so you’ll want to arrive in style. I always say the best way is to turn up in a chauffeur driven vehicle. It’s classy and it’ll wow your friends when you turn up in a fancy car.

If you are going to do this make sure you book well in advance. It’ll help avoid any last minute complications.

You should also plan where you’re meeting up with your pals. Most people forget about this part of prior planning as they’re rushing around trying to sort everything else out. Maybe you could all meet at your friend’s house?

Make sure you tell your chauffeur where you’re heading in advance so that they can plan their route accordingly.


You’re going to need money. How much money you’ll need is all dependent on the venue, your clothes, and your travel.

Make sure you leave yourself enough for the night itself! Nothing could be worse than showing up and realising that you can’t afford a drink, or food. Discuss your plans with your parents and from there you can work out how much you’ll need.

Sort out your hair

You’re going to want to look at your best. Start thinking about how you’re going to have your hair in advance.

Do some research and look at styles that you like and if you need to, book a professional to come and do it on the day. Remember to have your hair however you like. Don’t feel pressured to have it a certain way because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Just be yourself.

Guys, get it cut. If you want to look great a fresh hair cut will complete your image.

And lastly, enjoy you’re night! It’s going to be so much fun that all of your worries beforehand will be forgotten.

The golden rule here is to prepare in advance and don’t leave anything to the last minute!

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